Speaking Events

Northwestern University Medill Panel

By Elisa Schmitz / February 18, 2019 /

Medill Alumnae Illuminate the Power of Networks Alumnae encourage attendees to find a network of people who support and challenge them in their careers. Medill gave students the opportunity to learn and network with four powerhouse alumnae in a panel event called Medill Women in Marketing – Current Trends and Challenges in an Evolving Industry.…

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WiSTEM Accelerator at 1871 Tech Center

By Elisa Schmitz / July 12, 2016 /
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Courageousness in the Workplace, Proctor & Gamble

By Elisa Schmitz / June 12, 2014 /
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UW-Madison Entrepreneurial Achievement Awards

By Elisa Schmitz / May 12, 2014 /

UW-Madison honors leading entrepreneurs with achievement awards Two entrepreneurial leaders and UW–Madison alumni have been named recipients of the University of Wisconsin–Madison Entrepreneurial Achievement Award — an honor that recognizes talented and creative UW graduates and faculty members who have built successful companies that create jobs and contribute to economic growth. The recipients are: Elisa…

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