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By Elisa Schmitz / December 10, 2018 /

11 Traits of Successful Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs Elisa Schmitz, Founder & CEO of, shares essential traits for successful entrepreneurship. I often get asked the secrets of startup success. The reality is, there is no single secret to being a successful startup founder. It often comes down to a kind of “perfect storm” that includes…

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People of Play

By pwsadmin / October 12, 2018 /

Elisa All Schmitz – Making life better in 30 seconds What was your favorite toy or game as a child? I loved Monopoly – great training for my career as an entrepreneur! What inspires you? Bringing others together. I love building communities – personally and professionally. I light up when I get to share great…

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Women Tech Founders

By Elisa Schmitz / June 22, 2017 /

Elisa All Schmitz Interview: Learn Something New in Just 30 Seconds It’s the one thing we all can never seem to get enough of—time. But the biggest obstacle? Figuring out how to maximize it. founder Elisa All Schmitz has found a way to do just that. “Pregnancy is what spurred my entrepreneurship, if you can believe…

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Built in Chicago

By Elisa Schmitz / May 12, 2016 /

Got 30 seconds to spare? This Chicago startup wants to teach you something new. Although most of us can remember not having smartphones, it’s near impossible to imagine what our lives would actually be like without them today. Indispensable lifelines to the world around us, our phones are pulled out constantly for directions, notes, emails…

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